Twenty years ago, my husband and I left our farm near Titusville, New Jersey and moved our young family to France. This move had been planned and researched and yet was a great adventure. In preparation we spent two summers driving across the entire south of the country looking for our bit of heaven. Chance brought us to a small, fortified hill-top village called Puycelsi. It borders the largest forest in the southwest of France, the Gresigne, and is part of the so-called circuit des Bastides. At the time, Puycelsi was relatively abandoned and not even found on most maps; but it was charming, its views breath-taking and we decided it would be our home. It wasn't long after settling in that my interests in history, cooking and food started me off on a long journey. What niche in French cooking did this region hold? How did they prepare their food? How did this region manage to nurture such longevity? I decided to find the answers to these questions and what started out as curiosity, quickly became serious with far reaching consequences culminating in the creation of the l'Ancienne Auberge. This blog book will feature recipes, anecdotes about their origins, and related information. Chapters with any bit of luck will be completed on a monthly basis. I have also included a section on the recipes adapted for our restaurant the L'Ancienne Auberge.

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